Our View: How to stay safe on prom night

As expected, the school is abuzz over the April 20 Junior/Senior Prom to be held at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Girls have picked out their dresses and made their hair appointments while guys have cleverly secured dates and ordered their tux. Parents are ordering party platters and tidying yards in preparation for the pre-prom parties and photo sessions.

All of this is exciting and worth expecting, but prom night often brings calamity for dessert. To prevent disaster and in order to ensure an evening of fun AND safety, we, the Hereford Harbinger staff, have some suggestions:

Don’t buy an uncomfortable dress. Secure your dress for comfort. Don’t feel pressured to go to a party. No fighting over dates. Don’t ditch your date. Don’t give in to peer pressure. Trust your gut. Don’t start a fight. Don’t do drugs. Watch what you drink. Don’t go to an after party where you will be uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to call your parents. Stay off the road. Sleep at the post prom party. Don’t drink and drive. Go to Post Prom.