2016-2017 School Year Reflection


Max Herbkersman, Reporter

With the school year slowly winding down, I’ve decided to reflect on some of the best and worst parts of this school year.

The good…

Friday Night Football

Nothing is better than getting together with friends on a Friday night, and going up to the turf to see the hometown boys go to work. This year’s past football season was one to remember, and I’m certainly excited for next season.


This past spring’s prom was full of excitement. Prom had a good 1920’s theme, and was essentially a fancy homecoming. The food and music were subpar, but the dance floor and after party made up for it. Overall prom was not a night that you didn’t want to miss.

Lacrosse Season

After a few years without a state championship, our lacrosse team is right back making a run for the trophy. This year we only lost to three teams, two of which were MIAA schools, and the other was a team that hasn’t lost a game in two years. Could this be the year that we put up another state championship banner? I think it is.

 The bad…

New Grading Policy

At first I thought the whole “no homework” policy would be great, and it was…for a little. I soon found myself to never do any homework. It didn’t negatively affect my grades, but it did make me feel as if I wasn’t learning as much as I have in previous years. This was a bad change this school year, and next year hopefully things will return to normal.

Pep Rally

I had been looking forward to pep rally since the end of pep rally my sophomore year. However, I was shocked when I heard rumors that there wouldn’t even be a pep rally. Luckily the rumors were false, but pep rally didn’t live up to all the hype. It was split up throughout the week during enrichment, and then the final teachers vs. seniors game didn’t come until Friday. The game itself was exciting but the new pep rally was poor, and should be changed to normal next year.

Snow Days

Typically in the Hereford Zone we will get 4 to 5 days off in the winter for snow. However this winter Mother Nature had different plans. We only had one snow day and one HZ day the entire winter. Making us suffer and come in during the brutal winter. However one plus side is that we will get out earlier this year, however hopefully next year Mother Nature does her job.