Stress causes a Mess

Sarah Wheatley, Reporter

There is so much more to life than school, but sometimes the pressure encumbers you and it’s all you can see. High school is stressful, but that stress has taught me more lessons than the teachers ever could. At least once a year there is a project that just seems too overwhelming.

There have been multiple occurrences where I’ve had to write a paper on a concept I completely didn’t grasp. A typical scenario is sitting at a computer at midnight Sunday night at a total blank for a paper that is due first period on Monday. This is the proper time for a meltdown, but just as I start to get worked up, I think about the reality of the situation: I’m letting something consume me that will be of no importance eight hours later. In the end, it’s one grade and it is not going to ruin my grade or my chances of getting into college, so why would I let it ruin my day?

From there I try to put words together that sound smart enough to at least get points for proper spelling and grammar, print it out, and call it a day. It’s all ok.