Crappy weather is crappy


Will Amos

The sun sets on a rainy day at Camp Wright. I climbed a tree and sat on one of its branches to take this picture.

Will Amos, Online Editor

So I go camping a lot with my Boy Scout troop and recently I’ve been on two trips where it has rained all weekend.

In April I went on a trip called Camporee where a ton of troops around the Baltimore are come together and compete in different events to see who can win “the box”. It’s pretty much the Scout Olympics. The other trip I went on was this past weekend to a camp right off the bay bridge call Camp Wright. We go there for a weekend and set up tents for their summer camp and we get to stay there for free.

Normally it rains the Friday night of Camporee and it’s really nice out on Saturday. We had gotten used to it, except this year it rained all day Saturday. When we had to leave on Sunday the sky was clear and the sun was out. It was a bit annoying.

Camp Wright is a fun trip. We set up some tents for like three hours and then we can do whatever we want for the rest of Saturday. This time we had to move the already set up tents to a different spot, which made the whole situation bad, then we had to go set up the other two tents, which isn’t that bad because like I said they were already set up. What made it all worse was that it rained all night and into the morning. There were puddles everywhere, our shoes, socks, and feet were all getting wet, and none of us were having a good time.

It had stopped raining that afternoon, but it had rained so much that there were still puddles and you either stepped in a puddle and got more wet or had to constantly stare at the ground watching out for puddles. And don’t even get me started on what the campsite looked like.

The campsite was made of dirt. When it rains dirt turns to mud. Mud that you would sink in just making everything a bad time.

I mean the trips weren’t that bad. I had some fun, but I would have had more if it wouldn’t constantly rain.