Clubs sponsor drug awaerness

Alexis Griffey, Reporter

During the month of April, Student Council, Future Physicians of America, SADD club, and One Love, along with the guidance office, are collectively participating in activities in order to raise awareness for the harmful effects illegal drugs have on human bodies and lifestyles. A few of these drugs include amphetamines, Adderall, marijuana, hallucinogens, OxyContin ecstasy, LSD, and cocaine.

Drugs can have many unhealthy effects on the body such as, slow reaction time, lung irritation, weakening of the immune system, damage to the liver, and more. About 17 percent of American high school students are abusing at least one drug during the school day, according to a new study conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

“SADD club is participating in drug awareness month because the club works to educate our school on making good decisions that can lead to a healthy, happy, and safe life. Using drugs cannot lead to this lifestyle,” said Angela Shriver (’17), president of SADD club. “I believe many students think they don’t need to pay attention to this campaign because they’ll never have an issue, but I think all drug abusers thought that at one point.”

Gracie Sanders (’17), member of One Love, said, “Relationship violence is often a result of alcohol or drug abuse. We got involved because it’s an important part of our message that we don’t often touch on. As a club, we bring awareness to the warning of relationship violence, but being involved in this allows us to go further in depth to the cause behind some of the violence.”

From April 3-7, there will be a wall in main lobby dedicated to questions and comments about how these drugs are harmful. “I think the wall will help people say and ask things they may be curious about,” Jeremy Bareham (’18) said. “It’s a good idea.”

An assembly will be held on April 20 with a panel of former graduates discussing their view on drugs in society and how it may have even affected them personally. “We know there is a drug problem at our school and we want to inform students by having people their age talk to them and tell their stories,” said Jillian Watkins, head of student council. “This will be discussed in a way that will affect them and not be like anything they have heard before.”

During the last week of the month, April 24-28, the question and comment wall will be transformed into a reflection wall, where quotes and information learned throughout the month can be posted in order to prevent drug use. Also, participants may pledge to stay clean after learning more about the effects drugs may have.

Throughout April, different videos and facts will also be broadcasted on the morning announcements by each club, providing information on how to help others having issues or struggling with drugs. “Each of the four clubs will come together for one nice, collaborative video to end off the month,” Tony Cabral (’17) said.


(Picture of Danielle)

Danielle Saman (’17) plans ideas for the Future Physicians of America video being put on the morning announcements. She said, “I think the idea for awareness of drugs is important. Future Physicians is making a video specifically informing viewers on how drugs can be prescribed incorrectly, which may lead to unfortunate actions like addiction.”