New discus cage brings positive, safe air to track


Photo provided by Libby May

Jack Marshall (’19) throws a disc from the new discus cage. It was installed this last December, once the old one was taken down. located up at the track, on the corner of the turf, the new cage has curved poles that better guard spectators from free-flying implements.

Will Amos, Online Editor

This year a new discus cage was installed at the track. Track and field athletes are thrilled to see that they have a newer and better place to throw discs.

“It’s amazing that we got a new cage,” Mike Nash (’17) said. “It was talked about for a while [add more].”

The old cage was “unstable and waved in the wind” and “hard to set up” according to Jack Marshall (’19). Having a better and safer environment for Hereford athletes to practice and compete in is always a good thing.

Even those who didn’t use the old cage have heard stories of old one. “I’ve heard stories about how the old cage was unsafe so I think the new cage was needed,” Andrew Beyrodt (’20) said.

“We had some close calls in the past and were, quite frankly lucky no one got hurt,” girls’ track coach Brad Duvall said. “The main key is safety for all of our athletes.”