Repeating Old Trends

Peyton Martino, Reporter

Trends are constantly changing. After the 2000’s many people forgot about most trends such as boyfriend jeans, jean skirts, knee-high boots, white Converse, leather Steve Madden shoes, Adidas sneakers, big t-shirts with leggings, and wearing denim on denim.

“I think the Steve Madden shoes can look nice, but girls spend way too much on them,” said Will Reott (’18)

There are lots of famous actors, singers and models that have brought back these trends. Kim Kardashian is one of the people who brought back denim on denim and knee high boots. Kylie and Kendall followed some of their sister’s trends by wearing knee-high boots and denim jackets with jeans.

“Many people are trying to be trendy, and are trying to fit in, but for some people it is not working out,” said Ryan Musolf (’18)

Many teenage girls have been starting to wear denim skirts that are tight and button all the way down the front, with tight shirts, loose cardigans and sneaker type shoes. In many schools if you have to dress-up for a sporting event that is home the go-to outfits for girls are denim skirts.

“A lot of people have started to wear boyfriend jeans with big rips and oversized vintage t-shirts from Goodwill. I have started following the jean skirt, Steve Madden, and white converse trend,” said Katie Martino (’20)

“I have Steve Maddens and I love them,” said Emerson Gieryic (’17)

According to Vogue Magazine, jumpsuits, neon colors, floral patterns, denim on denim, leggings, the velvet material, and oversized shirts are coming back in style after being out of style for a while.