Effects Of Makeup On Your Skin

Mikki Silverio ('17) showing off her winged eyeliner and eyebrows.

Photo by: Mikki Silverio

Mikki Silverio (’17) showing off her winged eyeliner and eyebrows.

Sophia Hagan, Reporter

Who would think that a daily routine of foundation, a dash mascara, a little eyeshadow, and some lip gloss could cause harm to your skin. Many students wear makeup during the school day and when they go out without thinking of the harm makeup can cause to your skin. Everyone should be aware of the overall outcome of wearing makeup and the long term effects it can lead to.

“Everyone is beautiful and they don’t need to wear makeup. I personally don’t like it because it makes my skin break out and irritated,” said Holly Wilson (’20).

Photo by: Mikki Silverio
Mikki Silverio (’17) showing off her winged eyeliner and eyebrows.

You wouldn’t think that these daily cosmetics could lead to a decrease in fertility rates, behavioral abnormities, high blood pressure, and an effect on the nervous system. There are so many other harms that come from wearing makeup that would make you cringe. These health problems all occur over an amount of time due to the excessive use of cosmetics.

“Makeup is okay for your skin if you wash it off. It’s not bad, it makes you look hot,” said Sam Martin (’19).

Many cosmetics are known to contain lead, aluminum, zinc oxide, BHA, barium sulphate, and more. All these dangerous chemicals cause harm to organs, resulting in organ failure, cosmetics increase your risks of getting diseases like cancer. Even something as simple as lipstick and lip balms can mix with foods while you’re eating and later cause many respiratory diseases.

“Makeup can be a great way to enhance ones beauty and make an individual feel confident, but at times it can be a hassle and the reason for acne. It can be a quick cover-up but not a solution for acne,” said Mumtaz Faridi (’17).

Imagine waking up with no eyelashes as well, what do you do now when you have no eyelashes to put mascara on? Or even waking up and not being able to see anymore? All because you coat your eyelashes in clumpy layers of mascara that contain pseudomonas aeruginosa which is a very harmful therapy bacteria that can cause you to go blind. Too much eyeliner and mascara prevents eyelash growth and also causes build up for bacteria causing irritations and infections.

“I really love makeup because you can do whatever you like and express yourself, it’s fun and doesn’t irritate my skin,” said Savanna Riley (’18).

A common side effect of makeup use is acne because makeup covers your skin and makes it hard for your skin to breathe and grow. Some types of makeup come in different forms like liquids, powders, and creams that all clog the pores in your skin. Also by not washing and cleaning off excess makeup can lead to worsening in acne, skin irritations, and allergic reactions.

“Makeup is a great way to cover up any impurities but it doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. So it makes your skin problems worse,” said Emerson Gieryic (’17).

There are reasons why cosmetics are tested on animals before us, due to the dangerous ingredients they contain. The ingredients in cosmetics are unnatural chemicals that have never been tested on humans to see the overall side effects they cause.

“Makeup can be good but it can also be bad,” said Ben Reott (’17) and Tim Briggs (’17).

Cosmetics are the most harmful consumer products due to the amount of chemicals in them. Cosmetics have even been suspected of playing a role in Alzheimer’s. Makeup is truly not worth all of these later effects just to look and feel good now. The dangers of cosmetics are severely downplayed by manufacturers.