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Despite resolution, students vent about graduation chaos.

Alexis Gavrelis

     Since the senior class first caught news of graduation being changed from 7:00 PM on Friday, May 24th, to 2:30 PM, students haven’t been afraid to voice their opinions. Due to scheduling conflicts at McDaniel College, the ceremony had to be changed.

     This change first found its way onto social media on March 11th when senior historian, Monica Benson, tweeted “…graduation got moved from 7 to 2:30.” The new time brought certain conflicts to light that may have  forced students to choose between walking across the stage with their peers, and competing in a state  competition that they’ve spent the last four years preparing for.  “Why should I have to choose between states and graduation? I want to graduate with friends AND get one last chance at states,” stated Julian Rivera. Additionally, the time change may have caused great difficulty to family members, and faculty.

      The class of 2013 was divided on their opinions about this decision.  Kaitlyn Gavrelis wrote,” It doesn’t directly hinder me, but I want to share and celebrate graduation with the ENTIRE class. It won’t be the same if even a few people won’t be there just because they had to choose between two monumental events due to a circumstance that was out of their control in the first place.”

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     This idea has been shared by many including Grace Berry who stated, “I don’t know about you guys, but [all]  I want is my family there watching and my WHOLE class there with me walking across that stage.”

     Other than commenting on the unfairness of the time change, students offered up their suggestions to solve the problem. “Have it at the track at normal time,” posted Alex Joyce, and Brian Palmer followed that idea and stated, “Why don’t we just try to reschedule graduation at a different venue?”

     Even though the senior class is extremely diverse in its extra curriculars and interests, it was clear that the student body has no intention of graduating without any of their peers.

      “The important thing for us seniors is to enjoy everything we have worked so hard for, for the last four years, as a class, in academics and athletics,” stated Mike Whitman.

     Mr. Fellows, a senior class adviser and track coach, wrote, “On a personal level, I hope that something is worked out because, as a track coach and senior class adviser, I would also have to choose between the two.”

     While there was an overwhelming support for those students faced with the difficult decision, some seniors acknowledged that there probably wasn’t much they could do about it. Joey Alexander wrote, “It is what it is. Let’s all make the most of it while we are all still with each other.” With questions regarding family members, teachers, and other travel plans looming; the student body was anxious about hearing whether or not anything would be changed.

     The dedicated graduation committee, along with Mr. Last, has been working to correct the problem. For the class of 2013, graduation will now be held at the Towson Tiger Arena at 8:00 PM on the same day, May 24. Details regarding this change can be found in a letter that was mailed home to parents today. Other specific information will be shared with students during the April senior meeting, and will answer any questions students may have regarding the schedule and graduation.

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Despite resolution, students vent about graduation chaos.