Style goes back in time

Kyle Wetzelberger, Reporter

As the school year nears and end, and time keeps passing, so does the style of clothes among the students. It’s inevitable that style is going to change, but is it now making a complete circle?

Jeans were a popular trend with teen age boys for a long time particularly is the 50’s through the 80’s. But for the past 10 or so years, khaki pants have been the choice of pants for teenage boys. But recently, we’ve seen a comeback from the jeans.

As you walk through the halls you’ll see a handful of boys wearing a variety of jeans such as slim fit, baggy, and boot cut.

“Guys can wear jeans, they just have to find the right style,” Elsbeth Supplee (’20) said.

Adults have always been seen wearing jeans once in a while also wearing khaki pants here and there.

Jeans aren’t the only style change going on. Students are now seen around the school wearing New Balance shoes and Converses, leaving the beloved Sperry’s a memory.

The question is, what do the students and teachers think of this sprouting fashion change? The teachers seem to relate to the style in high school and can really see a lot of similarities between the new style and the style when teachers were in school.

“When I was in high school, we wore jeans along with Chuck Taylor’s and Sperry’s,” French teacher Brett Bier said.

“It’s funny how style comes back,” Bier said.

Bier is a fan of the jeans as he wears jeans himself.

“I wear a pair on Fridays usually. There inexpensive and comfortable and I make a pair of jeans look good,” Bier said.

Teachers seem to like the change, as a lot of them wear jeans themselves. Some teachers experienced the change in style as well.

“We wore jeans in high school, but after a while people just stopped wearing them and started wearing khakis,” Athletic Director Mike Kalisz said.

“I like the style, you can wear jeans with anything,” Kalisz said.

Jeans are still very popular with teachers.

“I wear jeans a lot. I’ll wear them with a sports coat, or sometimes with a dress shirt,” Kalisz said.

While the teachers seem to be all for the change in style and new look, students are all over the place. Some like the change, some don’t, and some simply don’t care.

“The can wear whatever they want to wear, no matter how ugly I think they are,” Connor Richardson (’18) said.

“I have a pair of jeans but I don’t wear them,” Richardson said.

The girls in the school however, have mixed feelings.

“It’s awful, guys shouldn’t be wearing jeans,” Katie Conover (’20) said.

When comparing guys wearing jeans versus girl wearing jeans is up for debate, as some think jeans is more fashionable for girls to wear. As well with Converses.

“Girls can pull it off, we just have a better sense of style. I’m starting to see guys wearing Converses, and it’s really freaking me out,” Conover said.

Some of the girls however, don’t seem to mind.

“I like the Converse look on guys, just not white Converses,” Supplee said.

As time goes on, style is always changing. I guess we’ll see where this style takes us, and what the next change will be.