What’s the deal with prom-posals?

Noah Wisner, Reporter

Years ago when our parents went to high school they were nervous about who they were asking to prom, but now everybody is nervous about how they are going to ask them to prom. I personally believe that prom-posals are pointless. Just ask the person. There doesn’t need to be an elaborate plan just so you can take pictures, dance, and party.

Girls are expecting big things this year. Every year guys need to do more and more than the last person. Prom-posals are going to trend up into an unnecessary extravaganza, which will have no personal meaning. I have no problem with people trying to impress and be nice to their dates, but people are just trying to have a better prom-posal than everyone else. There is an underlying competition that is not needed.

One of my friends last year spent over 50 dollars getting together his prom-posal, then he had to go solo because the person wanted to go with someone else. Now that’s just a waste of money. If prom-posals are so out of hand what are wedding proposals supposed to be like. When people are going to get married all their ideas are going to be used by high school upperclassmen and that is just unfair.