USA Baseball Wins WBC 8-0

Jimmy Danielczyk, Reporter

USA baseball team defeated Puerto Rico in the WBC March 22, winning the title for the first time in history. Previously, the team’s best finish was third in 2009.

The start of the tournament was leading down the path toward another disappointing finish. Despite the six-inning no hitter from team Columbia’s pitcher Jose Quintana, USA came out on top advancing to the second round of the tournament.

Hometown hero Adam Jones, played well for team USA. Although Jones did not have the top 5 batting average for the team, he still contributed to clutch hits as well as catches in centerfield. Brandon Crawford, Eric Hosmer, and Christian Yelich were the top hitters for team USA, each putting up close to 10 hits.

Being the underdogs, USA, being the underdogs, had to prove to the world that they were top competitors. USA weren’t the only team to have major leaguers on their roster. The Dominican Republic, having Manny Machado, Nelson Cruz, and Jose Reyes, all top players in the MLB, posed a threat to team USA. However, the Americans came out victories.

USA finished with the third best record throughout the WBC, Defeating the second highest, Japan in the semis, to move on to the first, Puerto Rico.

USA did not let up against fierce opponent Puerto Rico, coming out to win. Marcus Stroman pitching a no hitter through the sixth inning and reaching his max pitches in the seventh, truly deserved to be awarded the MVP of the WBC.