Guys’ vs Girls’ Fashion

Sarah Borton, Reporter

Khakis, Vineyard Vines, and white Nike socks, sound familiar?  Maybe it’s because you see it every day, whether you’re in school, the grocery store or on social media.  It seems it has been trending among guys for at least two years now.  While girls have a broad spectrum of fashion from sweats to dresses to jeans. Even though we may wear sweats, we will still follow guidelines, like do not clash colors, make sure the sweats are not too big or small, and you have to wear the right shirt with them or they will make you look unproportioned.  Guys have it a lot easier, they can throw on the khakis they have worn for the past week along with the shirt they have already worn twice and no one would notice.  I feel like girls are more self-aware about their outfits, we think everyone notices if we wear the same leggings for two days or if we wore those same pair of ripped jeans last week.  I think it is true that most girls are more observant about what people wear but that is because most of us care about fashion and enjoy shopping and all those “girly’ things.

Some guys do plan out their outfits and make sure they look really nice before they leave the house but, I feel like most guys have the same clothes, and just may wear jeans or sweats instead of khakis but with the same shirt just in different colors.  They do not think about what to wear, like on autopilot they just throw on whatever because, like I said, fashion just is not a big concern for guys.  Honestly, what guys wear does not affect me in any way but if a guy were to consider switching it up a bit this is just one suggestion.

A note to guys:

Impress that special person you want to ask out, or take to prom even more and switch it up a bit.  Maybe instead of wearing Vineyard Vines or sweats every day, try on some dark-wash slim jeans and cuff or roll them at the bottom so they lie just above your snazzy oxfords.  Then you could throw on a quarter zip up and push the sleeves to your forearm.  If you have glasses, WEAR THEM.  NEWSFLAH: WEARING GLASSES, JEANS, OR SWEATERS IS NOT NERDY!