Old trends become new again


Anna DeLibro, Reporter



The new fashion trends this year are really interesting in my opinion. Actually that’s not true, they are not new trends. Think about it. The crop tops, denim jackets, and of course, the notorious choker necklaces of 2017, aren’t as recent as you think.  Yes, the 90s were a bit weird and it’s hard to believe some of the fashion choices people made, but a lot of the clothing you’re wearing today became popular during the 80s or 90s.  So, why do old trends come back as if they are new ones? I have no idea, but I like it. I think it’s cool to bring back certain elements of the 80s or 90s back through fashion, I mean, clothing is basically what defines a decade.

Here is another example, in kindergarten, you might remember wearing turtlenecks or maybe even t-shirts under dresses. We look back on pictures of ourselves and say, ‘what was my mother thinking when she dressed me that morning?’, but sure enough, these early 2000s fashion statements have circulated their way back into our closets somehow. On the other hand, some trends only last about a year or so. In middle school, I remember combat boots, Lulu Lemon headbands, and “Lokai” bracelets being the craze, at least in my grade they were.  These fads eventually died out, but if I were you, I would wait a couple of years before donating these things to Goodwill, because who knows? You might need them if they become popular again.

That’s how fashion works, you make new trends which become old, then bring them back a couple years later and call it ‘vintage’.  Also, I wonder what we will think when we look back on our high school yearbooks and see what used to be popular. We’ve all seen our parents cringe at their gigantic hair or their “parachute pants”, but they also find it funny; or, they get excited when they find an old pair of “Ked’s” for sale. Fashion is a wonderful thing because it gives us a visual memory of what life used to be like at that time.

People shouldn’t be afraid to wear things that are old or “out of style”. If you want to wear “Crocs”, go ahead and wear them. If you want to wear bell bottoms (which are unsurprisingly coming back in style), wear them with confidence. Don’t worry about criticism from other people, because what really matters is making yourself happy with how you express yourself.