SAT Crunch More Like Wasting My Lunch


Hannah Weeren (’18) throws away her SAT crunch ticket. She recieved this in homeroom the day before like many other students preparing to take the upcoming SAT.

Megan Lime

According to the College Board website the SAT subject tests are college admission exams on specific subjects. These are the only national admission tests where you choose the tests that best showcase your strengths and interests.

There are many ways the faculty tries to improve SAT test scores. One of the ways that they try to do this is through SAT crunch sessions during Enrichment.

You receive a slip a few school days before your scheduled SAT telling you the dates of when the two full hour sessions in Enrichment are and in whose room. The slip also says this is a mandatory session.

You would guess they would give you tips and tricks to use on this standardized test and inform you on what to bring. This is the opposite of what actually occurs. The whole thing was very disorganized.

I walked into this mandatory session before the Dec. 3 SAT and the teacher asked, “What are you guys doing here?” He was unaware that he was in charge of proctoring the session. The communication that is necessary to simply inform a teacher he is in charge of a SAT session was lacking in the staff. He then scrambled to get a packet of work for students to do during SAT prep session.

The teacher then gave us a 47 question packet and instructed us to complete it. Fifteen minutes later he said, “let’s review.” The teacher didn’t even have the correct answers; he was just going off of what he got for the questions. He did not give us any suggestions on how to figure out the question if we got it wrong, and we didn’t even know it was wrong because he did not have the correct answers. This also shows a huge lack of communication and organization of the faculty to put together a plan to help kids prepare for the SAT. He then collected our packets and threw them away.

“I thought it was pointless. It wasn’t helpful at all and I think I did the same on the SAT as I would’ve done before,” Erin Sistek (’18) said.

I then found out later that day that I did not even get signed up in the teachers room even though the slip we received said mandatory. I could have easily gone somewhere else for Enrichment. The next day I did. In the morning I signed up in another classroom and did not attend the other mandatory SAT prep session in Enrichment. I did not receive any violation for not coming.

Overall it was a complete waste of an Enrichment period. Students already have many things to worry about during Enrichment like making up tests, finishing homework and studying. Students do no need to worry about going to a pointless SAT crunch session which will not even help them out and prepare them for their important upcoming test on top of all the other things that need to get done.

For the next SAT I will not be attending the SAT crunch session until they fix their organization and communication.