Rough Rescues Or Loyal Lovers?

Sophia Hagan, Reporter

Rescue animals can be the most loyal pets to have, usually you would think otherwise and that they would come with a bunch of issues, attacking people or other animals they feel threatened by, but it’s the complete opposite. My boss, Leo Zimmermann has a Pitbull mix named Rose who I am absolutely in love with.

Photo by Sophia Hagan (’18)
As Zimmermann works in his store, Rose comes in to greet him. Rose was taken in by Zimmermann as a puppy.

Every once in a while he brings Rose along with him to work so she can get fresh air and run around. Rose comes off as terrifying to most that see her because like all Pitbull’s they have such muscularly built bodies and one scary sounding bark so not many people give them the time of day. Except Rose isn’t like that at all, instead she follows Leo around all over the store, never ever barks at anyone, and is the most loyal companion I have ever met.

I have been looking into getting a puppy myself so I asked where Leo had bought Rose. She wasn’t bought, he explained but was saved as a puppy back when he was in Columbia working on a man’s fence in the woods. Rose was found in the woods with her litter, all malnourished.

By the time Leo had found the puppies two of the puppies were already dead laying with the mother tied to a tree. Two were left so he took them home but later one of the pups died and Rose was the only survivor. Taking her in and nurturing her back to health is what I think has made her so attached and loyal to Leo. Watching her get up and move to wherever Leo goes is honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Never being on a leash Rose just wanders outside as we all work and checks in on the other stores near us and their customers without barking or growling at anyone. I always thought rescues would be so mean due to the abuse or mistreatment they received, which is understandable because how can an abused animal trust when they did in the past only to have it broken.

I guess one act of kindness really change the mindset of animals and even humans. Rose really shows that through the way she acts and through the love she has for her owner. Watching her embrace and love everyone she meets has shown me that the stereotypical views on rescues aren’t always true.