Reider’s Rant: Mother Nature, please make up your mind


Photo by Emma Reider

Tim Briggs (’17) plays tennis with Emma Reider at Prettyboy Elementary School on a warm weekend day in January.

Emma Reider

This winter has been extremely bipolar. One weekend I am out playing volleyball with my friends in a sand court, getting some sun on my face. And the very next weekend I’m home wrapping myself up in a fuzzy blanket next to the woodstove with a mug of hot chocolate in my hand.

I love the warm, spring weather and I love the cold, snowy weather as well. What I don’t love is this switching back and forth between the two.

Mother Nature, please make up your mind.

This is especially frustrating to me as a spring sport athlete. The fourth tennis practice I am wearing a t-shirt and shorts and breaking a sweat during our warm-up run. The sixth practice of the season is cancelled because there is six inches of snow on the courts and it’s 35 degrees outside with 20 mile per hour winds.

There have been many weekends in January and February that I have been outside with my friends and family practicing tennis preparing for the upcoming tryouts. Now it seems like all that time was wasted since we can’t even get out on the courts because of the extreme weather.

This is my senior year and my last season of high school sports ever. I would like to enjoy this season to the fullest, but this weather is denying me from my utmost capacity of fun.

Why do the freezing temperatures and the snow decide to come now?

I just want Mother Nature to make up Her mind so I know what to consistently expect when I roll out of bed in the morning.