Our View: Snow or Summer? We want both

Snow days and delays are a no-win situation for Baltimore County. Some want snow days, some want a long summer, and as we know, there can never be a compromise.
When it’s the dead of winter and nobody wants to go to school, students dream of snow days. But, when it’s the middle of June, the sun is shining, and students are forced to be inside, everyone just wants school to be over.
Unfortunately, getting a blizzard in January and still getting out early in June is an impossible combination. Either way some students, parents, and faculty are going to be upset with either outcome.
“I am disappointed [to not have snow days] because winter is my favorite season and I like having off in the winter,” said Henry Traynor (’18), who is a snowboarder. “I don’t mind having a shorter summer if we have too many snow days.”
To some, a longer summer is not desired, because a day here and there is what is needed to get the through the long winter. Others look forward to a long summer and don’t care about getting snow. Snow can be a hassle and brings along miserable 30 degree weather.
“It doesn’t really bother me, not having snow days,” Claire Sperber (’20) said. “I would rather get out early in June with a few snow days, because there are multiple other days we get to have off that don’t effect the length of our summer.”
Random holidays and professional development days begin to add up in the fall and winter. These days are enough for some, who dread snow and cold weather and dream of a closer summer.
Snowflakes are pretty to watch fall and bring excitement when seen out the window, but it is also nice when it’s the middle of February and it is 50 or 60 degrees outside.
“It is really annoying because, as a senior, the snow days don’t affect us, so we would get out extra days and not have to go to school,” Graeme Eber said. “But we haven’t gotten any snow days, so we still have to go to school every day”.
Sympathy does go out to the seniors, who do not benefit from an extended summer. It makes sense that they would want a massive blizzard and two weeks off from school because no matter what, they are done on May 26, 2017.
Students are even more disappointed because the Farmer’s Almanac predicted snow for the month of February. Several times the weather predictor has said, “snow storms” and “snow showers,” yet all we have gotten is a few flurries.
This fact is frustrating many students. From February 21, 2017 to spring break, we have no assigned days off. That’s six weeks with no days off. None. If we don’t get any snow in these six weeks, then the seniors, already infected with senioritis, will become very “sick”. And the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, are going to check out until they have a week off during spring break.
If you are disappointed with the lack of snow, look on the bright side. When it’s hot in June and all you want to do is go swimming, you will be happy that you are getting out so early in June. While these next six weeks could be rough, you sure are going to be happy in June, when you get to get out earlier than last year and can finally be outside in the sun, and chilling by the pool.