Student Lot Parking Scam

Kyle Wetzelberger, Reporter

Parking at the school is a big issue that a lot of people share but really gets me worked up. We have to pay $15 just to have the opportunity to park at the student lot. The key word being “opportunity.”

This is an outrage and a scandal. You can pay $15 to park there, but then get there every morning and every space is filled so you have to go and park at Bunker Hill or the track which is twice the distance to walk and has made me late to class on more than one occasion. Unless you get there at 7:20 AM or earlier, there’s almost never a spot available.

And with the bell ringing at 7:40 AM, I’m not looking to get to school over 20 minutes early. I have breakfast to eat and sleep to get. If you ask me, the parking passes should be first come first serve.

You buy the pass for $15 and then you get your own assigned spot in the student lot that no one else can park in. This way there’s no worry about driving past the track and Bunker Hill just to find out there’s no more spots available in the student lot. Also, the passes to park at the track should be cheaper.

It’s insane that were expected to pay the same amount to park at the student lot as the track when the track is twice as far from the school. It’s free to park at Bunker Hill yet it’s almost the same distance from the school as the track. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Just make it first come first serve for the student lot passes for $15, and then when all the parking spots are assigned, then start selling passes for an assigned spot at the track for $5 or $10. And then when they fill up, the remaining students have to park at Bunker Hill. It’s an easy fix.