Lindsay’s Logic: A girl’s bestfriend

Lindsay Clarke

A friend you can always rely on to watch Netflix with on a Friday night, and won’t argue with all your gossip, your dog is your ever-willing playdate. The best memories from my childhood always had a dog in them. Do you really

Your dog can also boost your self-esteem…even more than your mom.”

want your child to be the kid who is scared to go to their friend’s house because they own a little innocent dog?

You can easily convince your parents to get you a dog because they can alter your emotions and develop real-life skills that your parents would just overlook. Studies have shown that dogs can help you reduce anxiety, and any kid with an anxiety free mind will perform better. High-schoolers need any motivation to get through the homestretch of the year, and coming home to your dog who is so excited to see you gives you a little positivity in all of the madness.

Your dog can also boost your self-esteem…even more than your mom. They will never judge you or tell your secrets. Your dog look at you as the greatest person on the planet.

Dogs are also known for mimicking your emotions. When I come home from a long day of school and practice I look forward to chilling on my bed with my dog. My dog has been there when I’m excited, sad, and everything in between.

There are very few things that can make me instantly happy, and my dog is one of them. I know when I grow up I want my kids to have a dog so when we are walking on the boardwalk they go up to every dog they see and ask to pet it.