Poorly planned sophomore dance


Jen Barranco , Reporter

On March 18, the sophomore and freshmen class will be hosting a throwback to the 50’s dance. You would think the whole school would be talking about it, picking out dresses, and planning before and after parties. You would think that while walking through the hallway you would see colorful posters advertising the dance. Except none of this is happening.
The only advertising I’ve seen is small 8 by 11 and ½ plain white paper with simple black words. This is quite sad. You can afford to host a dance and serve Chick-Fil-A to every guest attending but you can’t even splurge and use some colored paper? Or even use a poster, so people could easily see it, without squinting? I didn’t even know what day the dance was on; I had to look it up to write this paper. That is definitely saying something.
Don’t even get me started on the theme. At the beginning, I’m sure that they thought fifties theme would be exciting and everyone would dress up wearing big puffy dresses, with poodles on it. Well—news flash–making it 50’s theme is just creating more work and making a hassle. This dance is a month before prom, it should be fun and easy, the theme should be simple and stress free; people should be able to find something out of their closet and wear it. No one wants to spend money on two dances in a row. It just gets too expensive.
However, I do see how those people not attending prom would like to have a spring dance, giving them something to look forward to through winter. But the reality is this dance will only be fun if everyone goes and makes it fun. I’m not saying this dance won’t be fun; if the grades hosting this dance get their act together and get everyone to go, it could be a blast.