NBA reaches its golden age

Mark Suchy, Reporter

After watching yet another stellar performance by Kristaps Porzingis for the New York Knicks, then changing the channel and observing the splash family in Golden State continue to show that they can make any shot once they step inside the gym, I came to a realization: basketball has reached its golden age.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is filled to the brim with an exuberance of talent and athletes that cannot be found in any other professional sport. All 30 teams in the league have a superstar and if not a superstar then certainly a player with the potential to become a star.

Even the lowly Philadelphia 76ers, who have been the laughing stock of the Association since the infamous slogan “Trust the Process” was coined in 2012, have a budding superstar in Joel Embiid and last years’ number one pick, Ben Simmons.

With mediocre players signing lucrative deals in last years’ free agency, the NBA’s salary cap is exponentially increasing. Pair that alongside the multi-billion dollar deal the NBA league office just signed with Turner Sports, the Association is practically swimming in money.

As the game of basketball is spread globally through NBA Global projects, more and more athletes around the world have access to the game. The projects are clearly paying off; some of the biggest stars in the league are from countries outside the United States.

Porzingis is from Latvia and is the best player on one of the most popular teams in the world. Minnesota Timberwolves star, and former first overall pick, Andrew Wiggins is from Canada; Denver Nuggets big man, Nikola Jokic is from Latvia, Memphis Grizzles star Marc Gasol, and his brother Pau both hail from Spain. San Antonio Spurs swingman Manu Ginobili comes from Argentina, and Nuggets guard Emanuel Mudiay is from Congo. Those are just a few of the many foreign players that command the NBA.

As the league expands globally there are still other major headlines taking place, like one of the most competitive Most Valuable Player (MVP) races in recent history; taking place between James Harden, Russel Westbrook, LeBron James, and dark horse Kawhi Leonard.

One day I will be able to tell future generations about what it was like growing up in the golden age of basketball. Being able to tune in the television and witness history. Every. Single. Night.