Monkeying Around: Little Devils on Bus

Megan Loomis

Middle schoolers are so annoying. This would not have to be a problem if they had any kind of maturity at all. We were middle schoolers at one point and now realized that we might have been the worst but at least we listened to directions and stayed out of the high schoolers way. Middle schoolers on my bus try to break the rules just to annoy us, especially when the bus driver is not looking.

One specific girl gave me dirty looks for a week for telling her to move to the front of the bus so a high schooler could sit in a seat. She even stole candy bars from our bus driver when he spent his own money to give us a little treat. They even make rude comments that our generation would not have even talked about. There is an eighth grader who would call seventh graders lesbians or call them names for sitting in their seat and listening to music. How does that make any sense?

Some middle schoolers sit quietly and are fun to be around while others you could live without. Middle schoolers are just going to be middle schoolers they are going through a phase in their life. Even some freshmen are still there. Why is there such a gap in between high school and middle school?
Underdevelopment of the frontal lobes makes middle schoolers behave more emotionally because they’re still making decisions with their wild, fight-or-flight, reptilian-brain amygdala, instead of with their reasonable, civilized (and still growing) prefrontal cortex.

We are told that we are similar, we might be deep down, but right now we are a different species. If middle schoolers think that you can break the rules and get away with it then you are crazy. Teachers in middle school hold your hand through everything you do.

A middle school student can generally retain 5 to 7 chunks of information at one time, so teachers should not try to cram too much information into one lesson. But when you are in high school there are 90 minutes and then more homework.

In high school their maturity level changes and if it does not then you are getting nowhere in life. Middle schoolers can make or break a day. They are annoying for the fun of it and to those who are calm and respective and responsible, then you rock. And if you are annoying then you need to change. Get a grip and stop acting that way it is not funny, helpful, or acceptable.