Accepting our death…maybe

Graham Hyde

Photo credit to Daniel Stewart

While some may say climate change is a hoax, it is in fact real. There is clear evidence of climate change’s affects and what is being done to stop it. Look outside the window of some of the social studies classrooms. The roof is covered in white stones, and it may appear blinding. This is a response to climate change called geoengineering. This is modifying the environment of things such as buildings to prevent climate change, and in this case the white stones are reflecting sunlight back into space, keeping the climate cool (on a small-scale of course).
A childhood hero for most kids, Bill Nye (Inertia is property of matter), has a lot to say about climate change. I read his book, UNSTOPPABLE, which talks about what we as humans have to do to “save” our planet. I say “save,” because the reality of completely cleaning this polluted world is not an option and the realistic approach is mitigation. Nye talks about all mitigation techniques and some of them are actually cool. Imagine sending a huge solar panel, the size of this school, into space to collect sunlight from the sun and then sending this solar energy back down to an antenna on Earth so we can use it. The electricity in your house could be fueled by solar-space-energy.
I know most of you can’t wait to get outside after a long winter and go swimming or do stupid things in the woods. What if the woods outside your house had polluted streams and the ecosystem was dead? Well, with the changing climate because of emissions, refuge gases, and more, we will see changes in climate, biodiversity, and most things around us.
Accepting “radical curiosity” is what we need. Even a school-sized space-satellite may work. I’m not asking you to stop leaving your lights on, turn the water off in the sink while you brush your teeth, or driving your cars. I’m looking at large-scale effect, which is what we all need to do. Together, with Bill Nye, we can stop climate change.