March madness…more like March sadness


Hannah Weeren, Reporter

March is hands down the worst month of the year. Is it winter? Is it spring?

Some days I’m searching for my flip flops, but others I’m searching for my big winter coat.”

According to Intellicast, the record low temperature in March is 5°F and the record high is 90°F. Some days the wind is blowing my car off the road, but others there is no wind and the UV index is high enough to layout.

There are no days off, unless we get a blizzard, which we most likely will not. The only holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, which don’t get me wrong is a fun a holiday, but does not get us out of school.
This is the month where allergies come out and cars are coated with pollen. On top of dealing with my uncontrollably itchy eyes and sneezing, I have to keep my grades from slipping because it’s the end of the third quarter. For almost all students the third quarter is the worst because it can make or break your final grade. Everyone just wants to get it over with because it’s the only standing between you and spring break.

And to make things worse, everyone loses an hour of sleep and has to wake up when it is still pitch black outside because daylight savings is on March 12. Getting up in the morning is already hard enough, now not only will I be even more exhausted, I will be disorientated from the lack of sunshine at 6 a.m.
March also has 31 days. Like, really, do we need that extra day? Can’t June have 31 days instead? I’d much rather have an extra 24 hours soaking up the sun, hanging out with my friends instead of being in school trying not to fall asleep.