Max’s Mayhem: Don’t quit now

Max Herbkersman

Its only March. There are still three full months of school left. For many, they have already “checked out” and are ready for summer.
I love being excited for summer but people check out too early. Junior year is the most important year academically, and it’s simply stupid for people to stop trying as soon as its 65 degrees and sunny.
We are more than halfway through the school year, before you know it we will be free from the clutches of Hereford. If you sit back and frantically wait for the end of the school year than chances are it’s going to go by slow for you. The key is to keep working and try not to think about the fast approaching summer, and time will go by fast for you.
Early March isn’t an appropriate time to clock out. It’s only three months left. Save the last week of May for when you clock out. Three months can go by fast if you don’t focus on keeping track of the time.
School will catch up with you if you choose to stop trying. Third quarter grades will drop and so will your fourth quarter grades. Juniors have yet to take the school-wide SAT in April, so if your brain dead in March than your probably shooting for a solid 800.
I look around and see kids stop trying, which is okay it’s not my problem. But next year when you start freaking out because you started slacking your junior year don’t be whining about it. It’s your fault.