Teachers Hear Too Much


Photo by Nicole Burkoski

Stuller listens in on Hugh and Bess’ juicy gossip. Teachers have over heard many student conversations.

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter

As students know, the only enjoyable thing about school is socializing. Whether it is talking about your weekend or what you plan to do the next, conversations that should be private are shared quit openly. Teachers are everywhere: the cafeteria, the halls, the auditorium, and obviously, classrooms. Whether or not a student would like their information to be heard by teachers, they hear. I have been told by multiple teachers that they “hear too much,” but I never came to realize that that statement applies to me as well.
As I was thinking about this realization, I slowly came to the conclusion that I don’t mind if teachers hear some details they might not have wanted to. As a junior I have spent almost three full years with these adults and I still have more than a year left. High school may not be the highlight of our lives, but we certainly make memories that will stick with us for life. Personally, every teacher that I have shared personal information with, has reacted with laughter or helpful advice. I don’t think a teacher should react any other way.
As adults guiding us through these dreadful four years, teachers are going to end up getting to know us. Maybe some know more than they would have liked to like hearing about what someone did with their boyfriends on Friday or certain activities they did on school property, but when it comes down to it, who cares? I honestly would love to hear what some of my teacher’s think of me after hearing information that they probably would have been better off not knowing.