Boyfriends or Best Friends?


Photo by Alex Trikeriotis

Caitlynn Hickey (’17) frowns after seeing PDA in the hallway. She talked about how it annoyed her.

Alex Trikeriotis, Online Editor

Do you ever see those girls in the hallways all over their boyfriends? Completely disregarding their friends? In my opinion it happens way too often. Girls will date a guy for like one month and then pick them over their friends that have been there for them for years. I’ve seen tons of friendships fall apart because the girl in the relationship just stops talking to their best friend.

Hannah League(’18) said “I see this happen all the time and it’s not cool, you should stick near the people that have been there for you”

When your best friend doesn’t like or approve of your boyfriend it usually leads to an argument at some point. Another problem is when the boyfriend decides to get involved in those argument.
“I would hate if my boyfriend got involved in my fights, I can stand up for myself.” Said Lily Robertson(’19)

Some guys have the brain to stay out of a girl fight, and just nod their heads and listen. But other guys aren’t that smart and get involved, making the argument worse. I understand girls favoring their boyfriends, especially when it’s one of their first serious relationships. I just think that during that they shouldn’t forget their friends. After all boyfriends come and go, friends last forever.