Always Chirpin’ Moms cause frustration

Bess Tiller, Chirper

Dear Moms,
I can’t figure out why your child was cut from the soccer team either. I know, he’s the best of the best. You’re right, the coach must just have it out to get him. Please don’t sit around now and talk about the kid that took his spot. Do you feel good about degrading another person’s child?
A lot of parents have the tendency to be highly involved in their children lives. Don’t get me wrong I love having you guys supporting us, helping with school, home cooked meals, and in some cases being the person to go to when we need to talk A.K.A my mom.
Now, soccer moms, working moms, single moms: you are all alike. A large amount of you have the tendency to talk a lot of trash. Stop trying to live your kids’ lives don’t go out to lunch and talk about the latest party your daughter was at. And don’t be so naïve to think she was keeping a level head and making terrific decisions.
As a parent it is your job to make sure our mistakes are kept to a minimum not highlighting the ones you see happening around you.
I understand if you have a serious concern about our safety, but in a lot of these situations, you seem to be concerned with how “awful” another child is. Don’t act like you didn’t make any mistakes when you were 16.
I heard about those kids smoking, too. Oh of course Jack would never do that. He’s an honor student. No, Jack just likes the smell of axe and has bad allergies. How could someone such awful accusations about him.
It’s the reality of having a high schooler for them to make mistakes. Why try to highlight our mistakes with the line we’ve all heard you whisper on the sidelines before, “Did you hear about so and so’s kid?” You should feel embarrassed acting so immature.
I’m tired of you blaming everyone but your own kid. David got detention because the teacher just hates him. Of course he wouldn’t be on his phone after being repeatedly told to stop. Are you serious? What makes your kid so special that nothing is his fault?
You can talk about other things than living through us vicariously. I’d prefer you find a better way to spend your days then worrying about a speeding ticket someone else got. News flash your kid is going 90 on the highway. They just haven’t gotten caught yet.
Stop with the group messages. I’m just as excited as you are that you’ve learned to use your iPhone but why use it to discuss what doesn’t even involve you? Use your fancy new phone to take low quality pictures of the family with half your finger covering the lens. It’s far more appropriate.
I love having you guys supporting us and making us feel good. You are superior to a high schooler. Talking about us doesn’t prove you are better, quit trying to reassure yourself. I look at my mom as a super hero and nothing less. You guys should be setting an example of a mature adult not one who is wrapped up in the faults of others.