Let’s stop talking about politics

Lauren Litsinger, Reporter

Since the election a few months ago, the controversy between Hillary and Trump has cooled down.
People voiced their opinions whether they knew about politics or not. While many knowledgeable statements were made, a lot of offensive things were said too. Don’t preach about how one candidate would have brought more peace than the other when those saying these hurtful things are disturbing the peace.
I’m all for people speaking their mind, it’s one of our rights as a U.S. citizen… but why do people have to say things so harshly? What bugs me the most is when someone posts something about their political views that just happen to be negative towards others views and they get mad when someone tries to fight with them.
Don’t post something political on social media or text something when you know that someone will try and argue against you. To those commenting mean things on others political posts, my only question is: What’s the point? If it bothers you so much then don’t answer that text or scroll past that picture.
Unless it directly harms you or others then don’t start an argument that you can easily avoid. For example if someone were to write, “All liberals deserve to die,” or “Conservatives are the trash of this country.” Go ahead, defend yourself!
No person should be threatening people over a small issue. Saying awful things to people won’t make a difference, voting will.
I tried to voice my opinion about my view on something that was written and in return I was called a feminist liberal. The people who called me that used those terms as insults.
First, don’t expect someone to respect your opinions if you are just going to trash their political views.
Second, the people who offended me didn’t even know what my political views were. This happens frequently; people share opinions on non-political topics and get labeled as being for a certain political party.
We need to stop labeling each other when we don’t know the facts. The words liberal and conservative should not be used in offensive ways.
Our country is in a divide because stubborn people can’t forget about politics for five seconds to have a normal conversation. Somebody else’s political views shouldn’t be the deal breaker between being friends with them or not.
No matter if you are for Trump or Hillary, we have our president now, the election is over. Whether or not you are satisfied with the result, nothing can be changed. Donald Trump is our president for the next four years and instead of coming together as a nation and supporting each other, we would rather smash store windows and spit on people whose opinions are different than ours.
Is that really the way we want people to view America for these next couple years? The choice is yours.