Student Wins Poster Contest


Caroline Peterson

The BCPS Film Expo is a one day event designed to showcase the creative film work of BCPS high school students. Karl Riemer’s (’19) work was chosen as the official poster for the Expo.

Caroline Peterson, Reporter

Karl Riemer (’19) won the annual poster contest for the BCPS Film Expo that will take place from 4-9pm at the Historic Senator Theatre on April 6th. His poster, a black hand reaching out towards the words “BCPS Film Expo” and surrounded by microphones and cameras, will be the official poster of the event.

Regardless of the win, Riemer continues to be hard on himself. “I think I could’ve done better,” Riemer said. “The lines weren’t straight enough and I don’t think I deserved it honestly, there was a lot of good entries.”

The Expo is welcome to both students and parents, and students like Riemer will be displaying their work.