The stress of deciding

Caitlynn Hickey, Reporter

It’s a cold Monday evening when I get home from school. I open my front door and am greeted by the two excited faces of my parents. My first reaction is dread, thinking that I had done something and am now receiving my payback. But as I come to find out, I have gotten in to my last school. That’s it. I’m done. 4/4. Of course I felt excited but as fast as the excitement came, it was replaced with the realization that I now had to make one of the toughest choices of my life, where I’ll be spending the next 4 years. It’s not an easy choice and sometimes I wish people would see that asking and asking if I decided where I’m going doesn’t help. It only adds to the pressure of feeling like I have to decide right now.
I do know that some people have a harder time. I only applied to 4 schools, I can’t imagine trying to sort out ten or more. I also know exactly what I want to do (early- childhood education), so I’m pretty lucky in that sense. Between talking to my friends and talking to my family, it’s enough to give me a panic attack. I’m almost to the point of comparing the schools by pros and cons and just going from there. If anyone else is in the same boat- good luck.