I Want a Snow Day


Photo by Caitlynn Hickey

The view from the second story window shows the Hereford landscape. The last snow day we had was last year.

Caitlynn Hickey, Online Editor

Snow. The number one thing that is sure to drive students together. There is nothing better than waking up on a cold, dark morning and checking your phone only to see a text or alert that school has been cancelled due to “inclement weather conditions”. This year, however, we have not had the luxury or sleeping in until ten or eleven. We have had only had about two 2 hour delays. As a senior, I find this mildly offensive. Every other year it seems that we have been lucky enough to get a week or two off for an ice or snow storm. But the weather right now is nice and snow-free.

Christmas this year was not a “White Christmas”, which I have to admit, took away from the charm for me. Winter break was filled with wind-whipping, stay-inside weather, not the crystallized thrill of fluffy fun. Really, all I want is to stay inside all day, read books, watch movies, and drink hot chocolate without feeling bad about myself. I’m ready for sweaters and big, fluffy coats instead of this up and down mild/ freezing mess of a winter.