Mindset of Motivation

Sarah Wheatley, Reporter

Sarah Wheatley
I have a very different mindset from most high schoolers. I look forward to school and the everyday opportunity to accomplish. My favorite classes are the most difficult ones, my favorite days are the busy ones. I love taking studying, I love taking tests, I love working hard. I don’t want to come to school and go to a class where you do nothing, but still make an A. I don’t want to go to a class and watch pointless videos or do worksheets and reviews in groups. You’re wasting my time. Not time that I could be at home watching T.V, but time to be pursuing my dreams. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams, but they aren’t doing anything to get there. Our actions aren’t aligning with our ambitions. In fact, they are usually countering our ambitions. We drag ourselves along like our only purpose is to get the day over with, wasting time and wasting our lives. You can’t sit around and hope for a better life to show up because it’s not going to knock on your door. Hard work can be present without success, but success doesn’t exist without hard work, but I’m telling you, it is worth the risk. So instead of talking about your destination, talk about your direction. You want to be in the NFL? Ok, but how are you going to get there? Get rid of your excuses. What will you do every day for the next 6 years to prepare you for draft day? Waiting till you grow up in order to accomplish your dreams is like waking up tomorrow at noon and deciding you want to be in Europe by 2. It’s impossible. People put off their dreams because they seem too implausible. To delay pursing your dreams because you’re scared of failure, is like buying a new Ferrari and letting it sit in the garage because you want to keep it in perfect condition. It may be perfect, but that car is worthless unless you put it in motion. Get in the car, and drive your own life.