Don’t lie, AP classes aren’t easy


Caitlynn Hickey

Students work on a chart in their AP class. They’ve completed many before.

Alex Trikeriotis, Online Editor

Are you in way over your head this year? Did you sign up for the “easiest” classes after them being recommended by your peers? “It’s an easy A,” they all said.
I walked into 2 out of my 3 AP classes at the beginning of the school year thinking that this will be a breeze. I could not have been more wrong. Now I have all 3 of my AP classes on B days and I barely have any free time after work and a solid three hours of homework every other day.
Now from what I was told, one of those AP’s is an “Easy A”, “the tests are easy,” and “you will never have homework.” Every class we have a lecture and every night for homework we have a reading and flashcards.
If these flashcards aren’t done and these readings aren’t read you are screwed for the unit tests and quizzes. If you pay enough attention to the lectures then maybe you can get a C plus. Don’t get me wrong if you do all your work and study hard you’ll be fine but it’s just not like what everyone says.
Luckily for me, by now in the 3rd quarter, I know to actually read the whole chapter in the textbook and not just scan through for key bolded words to write down on my flashcards.
My favorite is by far my next AP, originally I was signed up for honors, but then my best friend was like “no take AP with me it is supposed to so easy.” Now, we are both failing.
I hope nobody else is as stupid as me to go from no AP classes to 3 and to realize that “it’s just AP coloring” is a big fat lie.