Weather Rant


Photo provided by Julie Fleming

Picture caption- Strangely high temperatures in January make it impossible for off days and delays.

Julie Fleming, Reporter

Record breaking little snow days? So far this year we have had two delays. Two delays. January, to the students, has been a complete disappointment, with not only no snow, but lots of rain and cloudy days. February, according to the forecast, will begin with the same type of weather.
If I had to sum up the weather in January it would be, rainy, cloudy, foggy and cold. Luckily it has left my car clean, which had gotten some hate from a car detailer at my gym who approached me and asked if my car was the dirty gray jeep out in the parking lot, asking if I would like him to clean it. My response to his offer was no; also it was just as dirty as every other car there.
I recently bought a pair of sunglasses that I love, and I have been wearing them during the rainy days which sometimes makes it harder to see, but I want to wear them so much that it’s worth it, even without the sun. But if we don’t get sunshine soon, I’m going to get into a car accident.
Something I do appreciate though is the new salt that is being put on the roads, it almost looks like a salt spray that makes these streaks on the pavement, it coats them better than the salt rocks I think, hopefully the salt will stay on the roads and less will go into wildlife areas.
The cruel wind and rain has also reinforced the fact that I am so thankful that I didn’t do indoor track. I am not a quitter, but if I had signed up for that and then had to run in this weather, I would cry all day leading up to the practices in the cold rainy weather, and when I got there I would cry some more. I am beyond thankful for my gym membership that is strictly indoor, heated, and keeps the rain out, minus the small leak in the ceiling of the girl’s locker room.
Monday January 30, it started snowing, but the snow didn’t stick to anything except my car. The sun was out while it was snowing too, contributing to the sad melting flakes. I watched it all happen until my teacher closed the blinds, bringing me reluctantly back into the revolting reality of math class.
On the bright side, by Sunday February 5, it is supposed to snow, which could possibly bring a delay or day off on Monday. Tuesday February 7 is also supposed to snow. Unfortunately the low temperature of Sunday just makes below freezing at 32 degrees but Tuesday surpasses that number by 9 degrees, standing at 41. Hopefully Jack Frost will bring a miracle and cut us a break.
My opinion during winter is this: I want it to be cold and snowy up until the first day of March. Once Valentine’s Day is over and February ends, I want the temperature to go up to the 60’s and then by May the temperature should be in the 70’s and 80’s. Then summer-time should in the 80’s and 90’s. Winter lasts way too long and the rainy season is such a pain. My seasonal depression gets so intense during this time, I can officially say that I can’t stand living in the northern hemisphere. I am ready to put down my ice pick and ready to stop having to warm up my car 15 minutes before I get in.