Always Chirpin: This is Your Country Be Proud

Bess Tiller, Chirper

As a three year old I recall not getting my way, stomping my feet throwing a fit, and after this whole charade nothing changed I was still going to my room.
Millions of women must not have learned this lesson, as millions are marching in the street doing what I would say is the same old charade they did as three year olds.
The women’s march may have empowered many but for me it just made me want throw up. Last I checked hurting someone’s feelings doesn’t call for impeachment, and as a US citizen Donald Trump is your president. Good for those who aren’t US citizens trump isn’t your president explaining why you are no longer allowed here.
The women’s march caused no good, I personally saw no point to it. After a day of yelling all that was left in DC was trash, these feminists exited the world capitol trashed. People said they were going to “blow up the Whitehouse”, not exactly peaceful protest. Women also spoke inappropriately of Trump as they have complained he has done to them. One women talked about his “wet dreams” for his own daughter. Absolutely disgusted in the hypocritical way these women acted.
I do not identify as a feminist and apparently that makes me a disgrace to women. I’m grateful for what I have. Trump will not and does not have the power to take away women’s right to vote, drive, dress how they please, speak freely, work, etc. Now there are women in other countries who can’t leave their house of show anything other than their face, not even their hair. We should be happy with what we have and not dwelling on what we don’t.
The newest thing people have been complaining about is the wall. Yes Trump is building a wall and making a ban on immigrants, no this isn’t some awful new thing. Obama made a ban on Russians and even back right after WWI there was a ban on all immigrants accept Mexico, so stop thinking this is a new idea and Trump is so evil.
People need to be proud of America it is the best country in the world and if you don’t like it get out. I don’t see many people leaving and that’s because they know it doesn’t get better in many other places.