Athlete of the Month: Jimmy Cavin


Will Wilkinson

Senior wrestling captain Jimmy Cavin has amassed 21 wins this season so far in the 120 pound weight class. Cavin is in his second season as a captain, coming off his best varsity season in which he tallied 33 wins while only losing 2 matches.

“Jimmy is the demonstration guy,” head wrestling coach Brett Baier said. “In practice when I need to show a move, Jimmy is the guy I use.”

As a sophomore Cavin wrestled on varsity and was able to gain a victory against one of the toughest senior wrestlers in the State: Cavin in his first varsity season defeated his opponent from Fallston High School via points by a score of 3-1.

“He just works harder than anybody else on the team,” said teammate Jimmy Kells (’19).

While down 50-4 to Sparrows Point Cavin gained the only pin victory on the whole team. Cavin was one of only two wrestlers that was even able to record a win. Jimmy has finished a significant number of his matches by simply tiring out his opponent until he can get the pin victory in a cradle.

“I really enjoy just scrapping with people and, when you win, it feels amazing knowing that your hard work has paid off,” said Cavin.

Cavin has only dropped two matches this season and both were to former Maryland State Champion wrestlers from last season. Cavin captured his 54th varsity win while only losing four matches in his varsity career.

In his junior season Cavin broke his collarbone in his County Championship match, ending his season, causing him to miss out on wrestling at the Regional and State level. Cavin has been able to bounce back from this devastating injury to compete this season at a high level. With the regular season coming to a close, Cavin is looking to have success at the county, regional, and state championship.

“I have very high expectations for myself and I’m getting a lot of support from my coaches and teammates. Cavin said, “I think I’ll win Counties and Regionals and I am working hard for a State Championship.”