Short hair, don’t care


Photo by Emma Reider

Peyton Martino (’18) likes to keep her hair short.

Emma Reider, Managing Editor

Rain drop…drop top…snippety, snippety, chop–chop. Recently girls have been getting haircuts so their hair sits at or right above their shoulders. This trend seems to be sweeping across the entire school ever since the fall.

I wonder why girls have had the notion to get shorter haircuts. I thought that long and straight hair was in style. I guess I was wrong. Perhaps it is because of the winter season that causes girls to want shorter hair.

During the winter, your hair tends to get drier with more split-ends. Who wants to deal with long hair that looks and feels ugly? Along with the ugly aspect, you tend to lose more hair in the winter. So, thanks to the current style, your hair gets stuck to everything: sweaters, fleeces, vests, scarves, etc. Static electricity is not on a girl’s side in the winter time. Everything big and soft and comfy seems to be your lost hairs’ best friend. Great.

Now you’re sitting in the middle of an AP Environmental Science class and instead of taking the notes as Mr. Drylie is talking, you are looking down at your outfit picking off 16 inch strands of hair attempting to discretely place them on the floor beneath your chair while still avoiding the possibility of it getting stuck on your jeans.

Boys don’t have to deal with this. The only thing they have to deal with is wearing the same sweatshirt that they wore over the weekend while playing with their dog or cat. They show up to school with the hair-covered sweatshirt and don’t even realize until fifth period.

Kyle Wetzelberger contributed to this article.