Face the facts, Bigfoot is among us

Hugh Lory, Sports Editor

Have you ever seen a large man-type figure walking in the woods? What did you think of it? What should come to mind is Bigfoot. Yes, I know some people think a Sasquatch is just a big rumor (no pun intended) but I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. Bigfoot is becoming more and more famous, and the sightings of him have increased throughout the past couple years. You probably have seen what Sasquatch look like after seeing them star in the Jack Links beef jerky commercials, or even on the hit TV show on Animal Planet, “Finding Bigfoot,” which just began another season. This show is starting its 11th season. I don’t think they would just keep making more and more episodes about something that isn’t real. Come on now, use your heads people.

I understand that you might not want to believe there is such thing as a freakishly tall, hairy, human like creature out there, but the truth be told, there is. So maybe next time you see a big hairy apelike figure walking in the woods, you will take precaution.

Bigfoots are known to be found in forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest, that doesn’t mean you can’t find one out here in the Hereford Zone.

“Hard to say how many Bigfoots there really are, and where they’re located exactly around the world, buy you better believe me when I say it, they’re among us,” Connor Hillary (’17) said. Sasquatch usually choses forests as their habitat because of the protection the trees and leaves provide. For shelter, a Sasquatch will mainly use sticks and branches to lean against trees.

When a Sasquatch isn’t eating all the Jack Links beef jerky, they have to go out on their own to get food. I personally haven’t seen an animal that looked like it got eaten by a Sasquatch, but the next time you see a dead animal, consider the cause.

With the thousands and thousands of reports every year of Bigfoot sightings, there has to be one that is real. How are you going to call all those people liars?

“I started believing in Bigfoot when I realized: Why would all these millions and millions of people make up these stories regarding Bigfoot, some which are too detailed to make up on the spot,” Hillary (’17) said.

Also how are you going to go against the facts of Animal Planet, one of the most reliable sources out there. How are you going to watch “Finding Bigfoot” on TV and say there is no such thing as a Sasquatch?

“I was 8 when I started believing in Bigfoot. There was a show on Animal Planet and it seemed legit,” Devyn Hennessey (’17) said,

There are people that haven’t even seen the show and just suspect that he is fake “He just seems really fake.

“I haven’t seen any video of him,” Stefan Traska (’20) said.

After hearing that this uninformed freshman said he hasn’t seen a video of Bigfoot, I was basically obligated to show him a video of him from National Geographic (a very reliable source), and he started being very spectacle on the topic.

With all this said, some people just can’t face the fact that the species is real.

“He’s a myth. No one has met him or talked to him face to face” said Kelsey Knight (’20). “I would believe in him if I met him.”

But who would want to go face to face with a creature that is taller, stronger, hairier than them, and may not even speak the same language as us? I know I wouldn’t.

We may never know how many Sasquatch there are in the world, but those who don’t believe better face the facts, because next thing you know Sasquatch rule the world.