2017- Hopes and Expectations

Anna Jerrems

Thankfully 2016 is almost (finally) over, and the New Year brings forth new hopes and possibilities. Making resolutions at the start of the New Year creates clarity for some and proves to bring a false hope for others.

“There was a lot of transition this year, a lot of changes, and sometimes it was pretty rough. Academically, 2016 has proven to be more challenging, especially after dealing with all of the policy changes,” Caroline Jerrems(’19) said.

“I will be making resolutions this year. My most important one is to use my phone less and to have more time to myself,” Eve Moore(’18) said.

Although making resolutions are a frequent tradition of many, others opt to avoid them and just set general goals to achieve.

“I’m not making any resolutions because you can’t just choose one thing to work on, you have to improve overall, not in just one specific aspect of your life,” Caroline Jerrems said.

“I don’t have any resolutions because I know I will follow through with them for only a week and then stop,” Carroll said.

Carroll creates goals that motivate her for the New Year.

“In 2017 I hope to workout more because I will hopefully be joining a gym,” Carroll said.

2016 has been a struggle academically for many.

“2016 has been tough because its my junior year so it really counts, plus the new grading system changes aren’t helping,” Lila Carroll (’18) said.

Some have high expectations for the New Year.

“I’m hoping 2017 will bring more freedom, because hopefully I’ll get my license and be able to get a job over the summer,” Jerrems said.

“In 2017 I’m looking forward to traveling and my birthday. I am hoping to spend New Years with my girlfriends and to have a really fun time with them. We always have the best times,” Moore said.

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