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Homemade Christmas cards.

Sarah Wheatley

The Kid’s Helping Hopkins club holds a gift drive in order to donate gifts to the children’s hospital for the holidays. Club members made cards and promoted the drive to bring the holidays to the hospital.

Throughout the month, the club collects toys, blankets, gift cards, along with various necessities thought the month. “We wrap them up at the end of the drive and we send them to the children’s hospital and they distribute them to the children,” Matt Duquette (’18,) president of the club, said.

The Acts of Kindness club joined with Kid’s Helping Hopkins in making cards that will be distributed with the gifts. “It puts a smile on my face to put a smile on theirs” Brie Nabet, Acts of Kindness member who made holiday cards for the children.

photo provided by www.handmania.com
Homemade Christmas cards.