Wes’s Woes: Senior Weak


Fishing in Ocean City is popular. During Senior Week not so much.

Wes Porter, Reporter

Senior Week is supposed to be a week of fun to celebrate four years of hard work. My friends and I heard that to get a good house at a reasonable price, we had to act fast. So last spring we created a group chat, naturally forgetting about it for eight months until now.

As a result, the last week has been spent frantically searching for houses and emailing owners. I have emailed at least 30 different property owners, with a whopping ratio of one-to-five responding, with only three people saying they would rent to us. Of those three, they were either ridiculously overpriced, in a terrible location, or both. When we finally settled on a house last week, it was about $5,000 for the week with an additional $1,200 security deposit. For fourteen people, that’s about $460 a person. To put that in context, that’s two Xbox Ones, a Hoverboard, or a high-end puppy-not counting food and other general necessities. So remind me again, why does everyone go to Ocean City?

This senior week house selection has given me an idea of what life after college is really going to be like. When suggesting a house or doing much of anything in the group chat, there are generally two or three who immediately point out why such a decision is unacceptable to their preferences. I aim to please, so of course I’m very accommodating to all whiners and cry-babies. But sometimes, you just gotta lay the hammer or nothing is ever going to get done.

What’s worse is the people battling to get a spot in our house-which we hadn’t even settled on ourselves. I have had to say, “Sorry man, we’re full,” more times than I care to remember, and it’s frustrating to say the least. Why would you beg to get into a house where you’re not going to be truly welcome? We are genuinely full, but some people we just don’t like-plain and simple. This is our week to enjoy ourselves, and letting people in based on pity is going to make a worse week for everyone. So next time you think about approaching us with puppy dog eyes and a pouty face, turn right around.

When we were looking at house pictures, everyone was bouncing off the walls about every house. But when it came time to collect everyone’s money-you guessed it-crickets. Everyone had their own excuse for their lack of money, promising me it the following day. But, without fail, they didn’t give it to me the following day.

A few days ago, after weeks of badgering, I had collected everyone’s money at last. I handed the banker a wad of cash for deposit, wrote a check for over $3,000 (50% for a deposit), and mailed the envelope. When everything left my hands, a weight lifted off my shoulders and the excitement settled in. Senior Week was finally a reality, and the impending unforgettable memories made the whole experience worth it. Some of these high school buddies I would likely not see again after this week, and this week at the beach would be the perfect way to celebrate four great years together. Of course I could change my mind when I have to collect the other $3,000.