Get me outta here

Caroline Peterson, Reporter

171 days. That’s how many agonizing days I have to get through before graduation. I am ready to get away from people, this place, everything. Graduating will be like seeing light at the end of the tunnel…or hallway. Being friends with all the freshmen in college on Snapchat and following them on social media physically pains me. The freedom and new faces often portrayed in these 10 second videos would make any second semester high-school senior go crazy. I can’t explain how much I am looking forward to not having to get something signed every time I have to go to the bathroom, not getting screamed at for looking at my phone, not needing a note from home to excuse my absence. Not to mention not having to talk to people, who some, I have been stuck with since Pre-k.

Don’t get me wrong-I am extremely grateful for all the people I’ve met and the opportunities given to me here at Hereford. My coaches and teachers have taught me so much and helped me throughout these rough, adolescent years. I’ve made lifelong friendships and bonds with my fellow classmates. But honestly, I could use a break.

I left early Friday, didn’t show up Monday, and came in late Tuesday. I’m barely hanging on. The worst part is-ironically- I’m already in college. This means when teachers assign me an essay, lab write-up, and poem for homework I can’t help but groan. Not to worry though, I have a religious routine I follow every night. I simply set my backpack down next to my bed, take out my laptop, and type Netflix into Safari. Then around 11:00 pm I decide I should probably do some work, so I take out my overfilled and not so organized folder and look at what I have to do. Next, I figure out what is absolutely necessary to do that night and what I can do throughout the school day. This process may add some extra stress, but at least I can squeeze in another episode of Parks and Rec before I hit the sack.

The good news is I don’t think I can possibly lose more motivation for 3rd and 4th quarter, but you know what they say-anything is possible!