How TV Shows Affect Everyone’s Life

Sierra Webb , Reporter

From “Greys Anatomy”, “The 100”, and “Teen Wolf” we all develop likings for a specific show, that lead to binge watching the entire season in one night. With one of televisions most watched streaming systems, Netflix makes it easy for us to watch as many television shows as we want. Retired shows are also an option on Netflix, from “The Carrie Diaries”, “The Secret Circle”, “Gossip Girl”, and “Freaks and Geeks” you can watch all the seasons instantly.

If you’re like me, you are always watching a television show at one point or another and with those television shows you begin to develop a strong connection to some, if not all, the characters.

I have been an avid “Teen Wolf” fanatic since my freshman year of high school and after six seasons this show is coming to a close on its sixth season. But with favorite television shows also comes with certain characters death or the character leaves the show.

Some for the best and for the worst, but in “Teen Wolf” their fate was painful to watch. Allison Argent was one of the main characters and love interest to Scott McCall the batman of the show.

Allison was beautiful, strong, and beloved by “Teen Wolf” watchers worldwide. Her impressive skills with archery came in handy when Scott and his pack were not strong enough. Her best friend Lydia Martin, a banshee, was her best friend that grounded her throughout the show until her fate.

Allison was killed off in the second to last episode of season three, heartbroken and distraught I had cried to the point that I thought I was going to throw up. I own season one through three on DVD and every time I watch her death scene I sob every time.

“The Walking Dead is probably my favorite show,” Jake Little (’18) said. “I liked Glenn and when he died I was pretty upset,” Unfortunately Glenn’s fate was in the beginning of season seven, as a main character on the show for the last seven years, many “The Walking Dead” viewers are outraged and devastated by his tragic death.


I became obsessed with a medieval show called “Reign” which stars Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotts as the main character. Mary leaves Scotland to form an alliance with France where she must marry Francis de’ Medici, an old childhood friend. Francis’s death is predicted by Nostradamus, a man who can see the future. Francis and Mary overcome many obstacles and soon fall in love.

In season three episode five Francis was killed by a red knight in the same scene that Nostradamus had predicted. In complete shock, since Francis was given a second chance at life a few episodes previous to his death, he dies tragically.

Francis was an all-around good person, he overcame obstacles in his life such as rivalry, secrecy, and jealousy. I loved Francis and his character is missed desperately on the show.

“I used to love Pretty Little Liars,” Valentina Garcia (’19) said. “When Mona died I cried,” fortunately for Garcia, Mona was perceived as being dead when “A” the girls stalker, setup her death but actually kidnapped her and trapped her in his toy doll house nightmare.

“Greys Anatomy. I love that show,” Autumn Welsh (’20) said. “When Derek died I cried so hard.” Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy was hit by an oncoming truck as he was leaving a previous car incident, he was rushed to the emergency room and the doctors did not have as much experience as he has had, had been pronounced brain dead.

Although Netflix targets more to teenagers and families, social studies teacher Sara Crue enjoys watching “Designated Survivor”, a new television show that stars on ABC. “The whole entire government has gotten blown up but the capital and now you have the designated survivor who wasn’t there who was the head of housing and didn’t do anything, but now has to rebuild the whole government,” Crue said.

Excited for the show Crue awaits to find out if the main character Tom Kirkman’s wife, Alex Kirkman is dead.

With endless amounts of television shows to choose from comes the emotional connection to a certain character, you relate to them, laugh at them, and cry with them. You may not realize how much you miss their presence on the show until their really gone, but their legacy will live on forever.