A week away from Hereford is all anyone needs

Bess Tiller, reporter

s than 24 hours ago I returned from a week vacation in Anguilla, an island 15 miles long of the coast of St. Marteen. After a week of sleeping, eating, snorkeling, reading, and more eating I can come to the conclusion that a week away from the dreary town of Hereford is just what everyone needs.

Days even weeks prior to my vacation I was in constant reminder of all the work I was going to miss. Strange enough I wasn’t fazed in the slightest by the three unit exams I was missing.

Over the seven days I read four books more than I have read all fall. My English teachers would be pleased to hear I was completely and utterly oblivious to the outside world as I dove into book after book.

My track coach would not be too excited to hear that I did not run once and ate ribs every day for lunch. I couldn’t have been happier, not once did I stress about that dreaded track workout to take place once I got home.

I couldn’t feel better, I don’t even mind that my skin is peeling all over my forehead and nose. I got to see things you don’t see in a classroom. Anguilla is not a touristy place with next to no resorts, we spent days around the people of the island. I snorkeled and saw sting rays, starfish, thousands of fish, and sea turtles last I checked non of that occurred in M207. We attended a Christmas festival on the island, I felt enriched in their culture, something Hereford seems to lack in.

I feel better from this past week and more accomplished than I ever would have in 20 degree weather, rough track practices, and the same old classes learning stuff I have a hard time caring about.