My iPhone Ate My Homework


Alexis Griffey

Students are distracted by their phones when completeing schoolwork. Caitlynn Hickey (’17) and Tony Cabral (’17) were very stressed out.

Alexis Griffey, Reporter

Social media is one oflife’s largest distractions. It takes away focus from social lives, sleep, and mostly, school work. Instead of sitting down and trying to finish all my homework in time, I find myself constantly lagging. I continuously refresh my feed, wanting to know if so-and-so posted a picture with her new boy-toy on Instagram, or if some guy the grade below me has tweeted something hilarious his mom just told him. Is the addiction ever going to stop?

When I sit down to start my homework, my phone practically screams for me to check if there are any new notifications from Snapchat or iMessage. Sometimes, I charge my phone in my mom’s room just to ensure I won’t sneak in there and check it. My motivation to finish my homework gets to an all-time low and it is truly embarrassing.

Even though I know I have my phone attached to my hip, I am not the only teenager with such a serious addiction. Adolescents are constantly posting things to their VSCOs or updating their statuses on Facebook. It’s incredible to think that everything was completely different for any other generation to come before us. My dad is always says his childhood is not even close to comparable to mine. He spent most of his free-time outdoors playing sports with his siblings, instead of being hidden away in his room, playing on a phone.

Updates in technology have obvious pros to our society, such as the Internet in our pocket, but can be extreme distractions in serious environments, such as school. It is bittersweet to think that things will never be the same for future generations.