“Telltale’s TWD S3” finally releasing

Will Amos, Online Editor

As Christmas is approaching a lot of people think about Santa, presents, and family, but right now all I can think about is a game I’ve been waiting for: “Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier”.

This game has been talked about for the last two years, but after the first two games had time to get played everyone had the same question: Where’s season three?

Almost one and a half years later Telltale release a teaser trailer in July of 2016. That is a horrible way to treat your fan base. People have been waiting for a year and a half and all you give them is a little two minute long video.

So people got over it and waited patiently again until around November when the game was supposed to come out. People were skeptical about it coming out, but some people were hopeful. Come November, of course, there was no game.

Thankfully Telltale started talking about the game on Twitter. They started talking about how there will be a long teaser in December and that there will be a longer trailer released after that one, but still nobody knew when the game was actually going to be released.

After like a week of getting some information about the game, the release date was announced: December 20.

As the release date approaches, and now that I have the game preordered, I can say I’m happy with what Telltale has done.

Now it’s just time to wait and see how the game plays out. Look for a review once the full game is released.