Grace’s Gossip: Kendall Jenner breaks the Internet once again

Grace Clarke, Reporter

The news of Kendall Jenner deleting her Instagram account nearly broke the Internet on Sunday, Nov. 13. To most people around the world this news means nothing. But to all the millions of Americans that are obsessed with following the lives of celebrities, this “news” was tragic.

While the Japanese coast gets hit by an earthquake, ISIS pushes towards Christianity extinction, and Donald Trump is elected president, several Americans are sucked into a frenzy over Kendall Jenner’s social media.

The amount of publicity and talk Jenner has received is ridiculous. While countries are under attack and natural disasters are occurring around the globe, one celebrity is getting all the attention. Why is this?

The answer is simple. Americans are set on imitating the lives of celebrities: the clothes they wear, the activities they do, and the people they hang out with. Without celebrity social media accounts to stalk, Americans can’t know how these celebrities live.

Jenner’s Instagram posts consist of pictures of herself modeling, selfies with different Snapchat filters, and amazing beach trips that Americans can only dream of. But, in some weird way Americans think that they can relate: “If Kendall Jenner can use the dog Snapchat filter, so can I” is the motto many people follow.

Several media outlets covered this action by Jenner, and I think it is a waste of ink.

“Kendall Jenner’s Instagram account vanished over the weekend, leaving her 68 million followers on the photo-sharing app wondering why,” said.

The fact that USA Today, a news source for millions, was relaying this information really says something about America. Why should people like Jenner take precedent over actual catastrophic events?

Celebrities have too much influence in America and this causes people to have a distorted image of the world. It doesn’t matter what Kendall Jenner did last Saturday. It matters more that ISIS, a real threat to Americans, is killing innocent people.

So remember Americans, stay up to date on real news, not Kendall Jenner news that really doesn’t matter.