Why The Office is the Greatest Show Ever

Anna Jerrems

For my birthday this year, all I asked for was every season of the hit series, The Office. As one of the only adolescents in the modern world who does NOT have Netflix, I watch tv as the episodes come out and fill up my DVR with shows that I love. I know, it’s barbaric. The Office hasn’t played on tv in a number of years, presenting a little problem for me. How am I supposed to watch this classic comedy? So, November 27th rolled around, and I got what I asked for—all 9 seasons. Thrilled, I began my endeavor into the notorious paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Why, may you ask, is this show so addicting? Well I’ll tell you.

Michael Scott, played by the one and only Steve Carell, is the most uncomfortably hilarious boss you wish you had. His inappropriate sense of humor forces his employees (and viewers) to develop a very temperamental love/hate relationship with him. Although he has good intentions in his heart, his plans and sentiments often backfire. His intense romantic relationship with his boss Jan paired with his unlikely comradery with Dwight Schrute adds up to be an intriguing first 2 seasons. The everyday antics of Michael and Dwight mixed with persnickety employees and the jerks at corporate are only a part of the puzzle.

Office drama ensues amidst the flirtation between the adorable salesmen Jim Halpert and the witty receptionist Pam Beesly. After years of avoiding work and talking to Pam, Jim falls in love with her, although Pam has been engaged to an idiot named Roy for 6 years.

Although these aren’t the only reasons to watch, two reasons alone prove why you should consider watching The Office.

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